About Us


Stone paper? What is that? How is that possible?

Yes, as crazy as it may sound, Stone Paper is made from actual stone. It is made from calcium carbonate (CaCO3).

Calcium carbonate is found in limestone quarries where the waste stream (known as fines) is collected and further pulverized into powder.

This powder is then mixed with nontoxic resins and rolled into thin sheets of stone paper. The revolutionary process, offers a product that is 100% tree-free, water-free, acid-free and bleach-free.



The best part? It's waterproof!

YES! We said waterproof!

Keep your thoughts and ideas safe from disappearing and getting ruined.

You can sit down and relax because you won’t have to worry ever again about spilling coffee/tea/water/juice (any liquid) on your marvelous notes.

Long story short...

- It is manufactured from ground down waste stone. It contains no wood fibre.

- It's recyclable & photo-degradable (It's not bio-degradable as it does not attract insects or organisms to consume it.)

- During production, no water, acid or bleach is used.

- Produces very low carbon emission.

- Uses less energy to produce compared to recycled wood fibre/pulp paper and new wood fibre/pulp paper.