100% Waterproof Stone Paper Notebook, Black & White Thick Cover, Passport Sized (2 Pack) - Ruled - 3.5" x 5.5" (90 mm x 140mm), 48 pages each

$15.99 $16.99

Our 100% stone paper, 100% WATERPROOF line is here!

The newest edition comes with thick, elegant, waterproof white and black covers.

They’re a great fit for list-making, gift-giving, and love-loving it! Now you can take them with you without worrying a thing, the will survive any storm or a fall on your adventurous trip…

The best part? - Cover and pages within are all derived from waste stone! Click here to learn more



  • Pocket / Memo / Passport Sized - (2 pack).

  • Thick, elegant, white & black stone paper/waterproof cover.

  • Stone Paper pages (Waterproof, tear-resistant, acid-free, tree-free, water-free).

  • 48 perforated pages for easy removal (each).

  • Lined / Ruled pattern.

  • Best suited for ballpoint pen, permanent marker, and pencil.

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