Limited Heart Edition with LOZAMA - Passport Sized - Ruled, Waterproof + inner pages, Treefree - 3.5" x 5.5" (90 mm x 140mm), 48 perforated pages for easy removal (each) 3 pack


We chose this beautiful pointillist heart created by LoZaMa to be on the cover of our first limited-run edition art series.  

We love the thought that what is in the heart could be in the hand by way of journaling, simple note-taking, listing, poetry... It’s up to you to pour passion onto the page.  After all what is written is evidence of human presence, like the pictographs from long ago. 

The series is made with 100% stone paper. It is silky smooth, 100% waterproof, and saves precious resources like trees and water. Click here to learn more


  • Pocket / Memo / Passport Sized - (3 pack)

  • Ultra-smooth, elegant, white stone paper/waterproof cover

  • Lined / Ruled pattern.
  • Stone Paper pages (Waterproof, tear-resistant, acid-free, tree-free, water-free).

  • 48 perforated pages for easy removal.

  • Best suited for ballpoint pen, permanent marker, and pencil.

* ESG Solution.